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sabato 17 giugno 2017



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★ Sesto Senso ★
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► Sabato 17 Giugno 2017

Line up:
► Resident Dj DENIS M
► Guest Voice IsaB
► Voice Michele Cucci

Cristian Marchi has been a protagonist of the international clubbing scene for about ten years. His “perfect mix” is a clean and powerful sound that puts together all the colours of house music (future, electro, progressive…). He performs in top clubs all around the world and produces tracks that often reach the top of chats on Beatport and elswhere. Born in Mantova, in the North of Italy, where he debuted when he was only fourteen, he still lives in this city and thanks to the success of his tracks he’s constantly on the road all around the world. For instance, during the summer, he performs weekly at Titos in Palma De Mallorca and often sets off the Papaya Festival in Croatia (Zrce Beach – Pag). In Italy he’s a real key figure for his music and his mixing technique. He performs at events for thousands of people as Movieland Music Festival in Lazise (Verona) and in top clubs such as Praja in Gallipoli and Baia Imperiale in Gabicce. Cristian Marchi was one of the first DJ’s to use social network. Thanks to Facebook , Instagram e You Tube it’s easy to follow him when he’s in his studio or on tour.

“We Are Perfect”, his first hit, was released in 2007. His album released in 2001 on Universal bears the same name. In the track list there’s obviously “Love Sex American Express”, which even today is a slogan by thousands of youths and a music reference for many DJ’s. Among the hits of Cristian Marchi there’s also “Feel the Love”, released in 2008 as Marchi’s Flow and produced with Paolo Sandrini, “I got you”, sung by Max’C and “I Got My Eye On You”, interpreted by popstar Luciana and co-produced with Nari & Milani. Again with this DJ duo he signed “The Creeps 2016”, a dancefloor bomb released on Musical Freedom / Spinnin Records, one of the most important dance label in the world. “Remãta”, a club track produced with Chicco Secci came out on Spinnin’ in August 2016.


► RISTORANTE su prenotazione dalle 21:00
► THE CLUB dalle 23:30

[ SOLO in Lista ] 
• DONNA OMAGGIO entro le ore 00.30
• Donna 10€ entro le ore 01.00
• Uomo 20€ entro le ore 01.00

[ Ingresso Intero ] 
• Donna 20€
• Uomo 25€

[ Biglietto comprensivo di consumazione ]


Info & Reservations ✆ (+39) 393 819 5702
[ La Direzione si riserva il diritto di selezione ]

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• Grey Goose • Edoardo Borrelli
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✘ Info & Reservations ✆ (+39) 393 819 5702

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